Some Infos

*my background on every post is simple and one coloured because it's all
about chlothes, not places on this blog.
*there are some sponsors that request no autoplay or songs
on blogs...-nope, what you listen to, kinda describes you
and your style..not moving it :)
*since i moved to dorm this year of college, I'll post
mostly fridays and saturdays..since i'm home at weekends..
the reason is a really slow net :(
*english language isn't my mother language, so don't mind
some mistakes :P
*i only post my sponsors url.. if you have any problems finding
some items, feel free to contact meh, i'd be happy to help you! :)
*event designers! there's always same problem on every event.
some items aren't being blogged.. guess why?
maybe they suck.. work on it
*i sound so bitchy, but i'm not <3
*love you my readers!

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